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A sincere thanks for taking the time to learn about us here at SparkSiDE DJs.

My name is Ahmad Anthony Swope, please call me Anthony. Music has been a constant in my life. Ever since childhood music has been a part of my soul and conscious.

I started SparkSiDe DJs because I have been granted with a single and powerful vision, music is a time honored constant that has the power to bring happiness and healing to all. It doesn't matter your background, experience, or race, music is a time honored force for happiness, good and it brings people together. There have been occasions when customers have contacted me about a song I played at their wedding or event and how that song improved their night, week, and life.


Quality and customer service are of paramount importance. I know your event may be in some cases, once in a lifetime and I assure you that I and all those affiliated with SparkSiDe DJs will keep quality and customer service as a priority. Our goal is to make your event Sparktacular!


I am honored for the chance to have my service act as a guide along the way to you and your group having a fun, energy filled and healing time of dancing, music, and good energy. Love and Music are the ultimate healers for the soul and we at SparkSiDe DJs say thanks for giving us the chance to earn your business and "making your event sparktacular!!"

Warm Thanks for Choosing our Service,

Anthony Swope



Event Planning and Sales Executive

Debbie has been with Sparkside DJs since 2011.  She loves music and helping people have a great time.  She started by simply attending a few events.  Over time she saw the value and impact of great DJ service.  She also has experienced the unfortunate outcomes that sometimes occur with service providers not committed to excellent customer service and she prides herself on helping customers to make sparktacular decisions about their events.  Debbie has over 30 years of experience in the corporate world.  She has managed and planned events for numerous corporate and private clients.  She is a beloved mother and grandmother and military spouse that believes in fun, hard work, and giving expert professional service.  Quite Simply, she loves event planning and providing sparktacular customer service to customers.

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