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Event Coordination and Scheduling For Your Wedding Reception / Corporate and Private Event

Why worry about your wedding reception or event schedule?, when you should be eating, drinking, dancing, and having fun.

This is the question that we have asked and provided an answer to for our customers.
Our Event Coordinator will take on the management of your wedding reception / event.
Wedding reception and event coordination is one of the key services that SparkSiDe DJs offers that makes us unique. 

There are very few DJ services that consider this all important component. 

Having an idea of who is managing your event's activity schedule is just as important as hiring a DJ to play the right music.

With our event coordinator, you never have to concern yourself with having to volunteer a friend, family member, or the matron of honor or best man to keep an eye on how the event and schedule of events is progressing.

Our event coordinator will ensure that the schedule of events for your wedding reception or special event stays on track.

The event coordinator will also help with the minor conveniences.  Such as, providing the bride and bridesmaids with toiletries or helping the father of the bride to know where to go when it is time to dance with his daughter.

Event Coordination Service will include:

Creation of a Reception / Event Schedule
Reception / Event Consultation, Management, and Coordination
Management of Vendors such as Caterers, Photographers, and Venue Management
Coordination with the Customer to create a custom music play list
Provide support and clarity for the bridal party and their family during the wedding reception

This added service ensures that your wedding reception and event will be "Sparktacular!"



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