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Birthdays/Holidays/Organizational Events/Venue Bookings and everything else

We have the Sparktacular solution for your:

Corporate/Organizational Events
Birthday Party
Holiday Events
Family and Community Events
Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
Anniversary Celebration Party
Prom/Graduation Party

With our custom service you have the flexibility to select the service options that will best fit your event need.
Contact Us today for more information on how we can help you customize your event and make it Sparktacular.

Our Custom service gives you, your family, company, or organization flexible and sparktacular solutions for all types of events.

Package requires a minimum 3 hour event and can extend up to 6 hours of Sparktacular Service
Choose any of the following below to add to your service:
Music Video VJ Service
Event M.C.
HD Display
Digital Audio/Video
Digital Lighting Effects
Event planning/Consulting and scheduling
Cordless Microphones

Contact Us Today for package rate


Package rate includes all transportation fees, equipment set up and tear down fees, event planning and consultation service fees, Lighting, Audio, and Video engineering fees, Master of Ceremony service fee, entertainment service fee



6140 S Gun Club Rd
Suite 419
Aurora CO, 80016


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